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Office in the cloud

Having an office without a workspace is a virtual office. When we put your virtual office in the cloud – we called it “Office in the Cloud”. Just imagine – all your files, documents, emails and working calendars are available from any device and anywhere at any time. You can have meetings, presentations, even make offers and conclude contracts on the go from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. 
We design your “office in the cloud” to give you the opportunity to work freely, efficiently and with the confidence you deserve!

Information Security

Information is one of the most important assets of any company. It is contained in various files and emails that are freely exchanged within and outside of the company. Information can be related to contract parameters, offers, new products, price lists, customer lists, salary records, strategies, know-how. The main threat to companies is the leakage and the theft of this sensitive information. Our design allows the company to protect itself from three threats: accidental leakage, employee theft, and corporate espionage.

Process Management

The business process management system covers all the company’s activities such as: Customer Service, Sales, Projects, Finance, Warehouse, Operations, Shops, Marketing. The goal of the system is to increase the company’s competitiveness and efficiency, reduce human error, optimize costs, or increase capacity. The system is based on the best cloud platforms to access from any device at any time. Managers receive all the necessary reports and data in real-time, even on their mobile phones. Make your decisions smarter and faster.


Business management systems are developed on the basis of software platforms that ensure their functionality. The right choice and configuration of the platforms is critical to the success of a business. That’s why we develop our systems based on established market leaders – Microsoft and Smartsheet. As a Microsoft partner in the Cloud Solution Provider program, we provide sales, implementation and support for Office 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility & Security, Project, Visio, PowerBI, PowerApps.

About us

AREN was founded in 2007 in response to the needs of the public for high-quality engineering services, cost reduction and efficient use of energy resources. With the large number of successful projects and the growth of our market share, we have developed the company by expanding our team and complementing our activities. Today, AREN offers its clients a full range of high quality business services for structuring, managing, funding and implementing investment projects, management consulting, designing and implementing software solutions for business management. Following our philosophy, “Well started is half done”, we are able to build on the expectations of our customers. AREN-S, as part of the AREN Group, focuses on our achievements and experience in the development and implementation of high-quality software systems for the operation and management of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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