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Technical Audit

As an investor or owner of a building, you need to know what its real technical condition is and how much the repairs would cost. You need a complete technical documentation and expert assessment of building elements and installations. If you plan to rent, buy or sell a property, increase energy efficiency, reorganize or improve comfort and vision, it is important to have clear information about your investment plans.

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Energy Efficiency

Competitiveness, comfort and a healthy living environment, renewable energy sources and reducing of emissions are a priority for the innovative companies. Increased energy efficiency leads to asset value increases, reduced cost of production or lower energy costs and reinvestment of savings. Find out the cost of the investment, the payback period, how to apply for funding and implement ISO 50001.

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Building Renovation

After a technical and/or energy audit is completed, a project for implementation of the prescribed measures should be prepared. The quality technical project documentation contains detailed information about the characteristics and installation of all materials and equipment, ensuring compliance with the planned effect and budget. If you are looking for financing for your investment intention, you must present to the investors a quality documentation that guarantees the security of your and their money.

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Project Financing

Are you looking for grant or investment funding from European funds or investment banks? Take full advantage of our comprehensive services with guaranteed financings. Just contact us to discuss the details or read more at the Business section.

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Building Design

Functionality, aesthetics and innovation, along with optimal investment costs are the key components of a successful project. The coordination between project parts and innovative design technologies ensure trouble-free execution of construction and installation work. To this we add the experience of our designers and we get a high-quality product that is seamlessly approved by the institutions and executed by the builders.

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Building Survey

Building survey is done for building papers recovery, reconstruction, change of purpose or for different types of audits. You can assign a full or partial survey, depending on your intentions. The most important features of a survey are precision, speed and competitive price. That is why we have developed a special surveying system by building a real-time BIM model.

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Street Lighting Survey

Street lighting is a priority for any location, municipality or enterprise. The survey gives you a detailed look at the external lighting system and helps you to assign an energy audit, design or take a decision to replace, upgrade or repair the system. The most important features of a survey are precision, speed and competitive price. That is why we have developed a special surveying system with unreachable capacity – 1 team, 160 points/day, up to 188 parameters/point and on-site pictures as proofing material.

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Our advantages

100% digitized company

·       virtual and real office

·       precise project management

·       attestation system for maximum quality of service

·       BIM model from survey to project

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100% licensed software

·       Drawings – BIM systems for Windows and iOS

·       Documents – Office365 + Sharepoint 

·       Operating Systems – Windows 10 Pro, iOS

·       Calculations – proprietary design software

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Information security system

·       encryption of all project files

·       encryption of communication channels

·       protection against leakage of information

·       protection against theft of information 

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Proprietary design software

·       a specialized building renovation system

·       energy efficiency analysis

·       design of building installations

·       design of thermal insulation systems

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About us

AREN Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a building design organization of selected specialists. The idea behind its creation was to respond to the needs of society for high-quality engineering services to reduce costs and make efficient use of energy resources. With the large number of successfully implemented projects and the growth of our market share, we have developed the company by expanding our team and services. Today we offer our clients a full range of high quality business services for structuring, managing and implementing of investment projects. Following our philosophy “Well begun is half done” we succeed to build on the expectations of our customers

Teodora Stoyanova


“You cannot achieve what you do not believe!”

Our Team

Every company strives to have motivated and competent professionals. As a result AREN has built a team of designers who are an integral part of the company’s success. Our team combines the long experience of leading experts with the innovative spirit of young professionals. The average age of our team is 29.7 years, which implies a dynamic and stimulating working atmosphere. All designers are carefully selected highly qualified engineers and architects with Master Degrees with full design capacity and members of the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design (CEEP) and Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB).

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MWh annual energy savings

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